ABout us

SATKRIT INSTITUTE OF RHEUMATOLOGY & NEURO-MUSCULAR REHABILITATION (SIRNR) is a Center of Excellence for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation. SIRNR caters to the unmet needs of the advanced healthcare facility for Arthritis, Pain Management and Inflammation through Correct diagnosis and Right treatment.
It improves the quality of life and ensures patient satisfaction through three pillars:
  • Rheumatological assessment (Arthritis, Pain Management and Inflammation) and advanced treatment protocols
  • Application of advanced Modalities of Physiotherapy
  • Evidence, feedback and Motivation based Neurological and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation.
SIRNR also furthers its objectives by providing continuing medical education and research in collaboration with internationally reputed universities and individuals.


  • Colour Doppler Ultrasound System for Clinical Diagnosis of Joints and Blood Vessels.
  • Gait Analysis and Treatment.
  • Rehabilitation is augmented by Virtual reality and Sensory Feedback.
  • Upper and Lower Limb Advanced Robotic devices for Re-learning of lost or damaged movements.
  • Balance training for Wheelchair users and patients with a risk of falling.
  • Centre of Excellence of Rheumatology – Non-surgical way of treating Arthritis, treatment of Vascular diseases, and connective tissue diseases.

About the persons who inspired us

Prof. Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta

SIRNR Centre of Excellence has been founded under the guidance and leadership of Prof. Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta, who has an international reputation for research on the diagnosis and treatment of Giant Cell Arteritis.
Dr. Dasgupta has been a Consultant Rheumatologist for over thirty years and is the head of the Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Director of Research and audit at Southend University Hospital, UK. He is known for having founded and developed modern rheumatology services in NHS in Southend and Essex region in the UK, and for having treated patients with complicated Rheumatology conditions and transformed their lives.

Smt. Sarla Tantia

SIRNR Centre of Excellence has the blessings and contributions from Smt. Sarla Tantia who had had Arthritis since 1996 at the age of  42 years. It took her about ten years to locate a suitable doctor who had the right
understanding of the symptoms, and underlying condition/disease and could provide the correct treatment. She has since then referred several sufferers like her to Dr.Dasgupta, who has similarly benefited from his expertise. Dr.Bhaskar Dasgupta and Smt. Sarla Tantia is instrumental in creating SIRNR for offering integrated, comprehensive, and intensive treatment and rehabilitation for people suffering from Rheumatological and Neuromuscular conditions.

Our Mission

We at Satkrit Healthcare, design and undertake Rehabilitation programs for patients based on international assessment norms that enable them with independence in their daily life and activities, hence restoring maximum possible functional potential and dignity To them.Our dedicated and competent team carves outs holistic treatment plans, tailor made to individual patient needs with appropriate goals and therapy techniques.We achieve this through evidence based clinical guidelines which are goal oriented, focusing not just on physical function, mobility, strength and endurance but full occupational, speech, behaviour and cognitive rehabilitation.

Satkrit Healthcare takes pride in offering world class, premium facilities which are state of the art. We are committed to making SIRNR a Centre of Excellence meeting International standards of treatment in Rheumatology and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation at accessible costs.